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I Help Professional Women Navigate Menopause Comfortably to Perform Better at Work and in Life.


Let’s be honest. Managing menopause is difficult and overwhelming!

Struggling with fatigue, hot flashes, and severe mood issues.
Trouble focusing, thinking clearly and staying motivated at work.
Lack of compassionate support and guidance from doctors
Unsure of what to do to feel like yourself again

You don’t have to suffer and struggle in silence!

Get The Guidance, Support, And Resources You Need to Have a Comfortable Experience at Any Phase

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I’m Charmaine Shaw
Your Menopause Coach & Ally

I am here to help you have a comfortable menopause experience at any phase.

I support and guide women on understanding the interconnection of their lifestyle and symptoms and empower them with strategies and resources to make informed changes to improve their menopause experience, overall health, and happiness.


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Here’s How I Can Help You Transform Your Menopause Experience At Any Phase!


One-to-one With

Here’s how I can help you have a comfortable menopause experience.
A personalized coaching partnership that focuses on empowering you with solutions you need to find the relief you seek at any phase of menopause.


Online Menopause Wellness

I have created several online programs; Perimenopause Wellness, Post Menopause Wellness, Stress Management and Mindset Renewal to help you take control, find relief and improve your overall wellbeing. These programs can be done at your own pace in your own time. Plus, you have my support every step of the way.



Corporate Menopause

It’s Time to Create a Menopause Friendly Working Environmen t and Support Your Most Valuable Employees and Improve Your Bottom Line.

Motivation and Inspiration

I Know You Can Reclaim Your Body and Your Life. I Got You!

Check Out the Menopause In Progress Podcast and Blog Posts for Content That Will Empower You in A Completely New Way to Take Charge of How You Feel.

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Free Resources

Before You Go Grab These

Eat For Hormone Health

Get the information on the best foods that can support your hormones and improve how you feel. Eat more hormone friendly foods and feel the difference.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the main culprit that makes menopause symptoms a challenge. Get this FREE Stress Relief Guide for easy tools and resources and mitigate the effects of stress on your health and life.

Get Better Sleep

Though menopause impact your sleep do you know making simple changes can improve your sleep? Download this guide and start implementing the strategies to get better rest and feel like yourself again.