Over 40 and
Mid-Life Changes Turned Your Life Upside Down?

Let's Flip That
Back Around.

Hi, I am Charmaine Shaw, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Health Coach, Peri-menopausal + Menopausal Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist.

My life story is straight out of Hollywood, but I actually lived it day in and day out.


I have trekked through abject poverty and violence into the safety security of the middle-class life, but there is no trek more challenging than journeying from being unwell to being well. Thankfully, our body is very forgiving. No matter what the state of our wellbeing, when we choose to make healthier lifestyle choices, our health changes and everything gets better.


That is the good news. If you are reading this, it means right where you are you get to begin again, to live healthier, much better than the first half of your life.




This might not make you jump for joy if you’re in the thick of things…

Juggling a heavy workload

Trying to balance your hormones

Struggling with weight gain

Feeling like who you are doesn’t matter

Getting no solutions from your doctor

Angry as hell




I help driven, midlife women find solutions to their health and life issues. I empower and educate them how to make better lifestyle choices not only to feel good and look good, but create a life that is meaningful to them.


Are you ready to

Be an active participant in your wellbeing

Work with your body and not against it

Make the second half your life the best and healthiest years

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My Journey to Midlife

I was totally unprepared for the dramatic shifts in physical, mental and spiritual health that midlife transition would bring to my life. I thought my 40’s would be no different than my 30’s … I sure had a rude awakening. I had nothing in my life tool kit to handle it all. Sound familiar?


A few snippets from my long journey to 40+ and feeling less than amazing:

: Grew up in poverty and violence in Kingston, Jamaica. I wanted desperately to change my life and the life of my family. Before age 25, I was an executive of the second largest, chemical manufacturing company in the Caribbean and part owner of a restaurant and a delivery company both of which I was actively involved. I was heavily stressed and barely slept, but I gave little thought to those issues as I pulled myself and my family out of the ghetto into a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.


: After the heartbreaking death of my mother in my early 30’s, I got married and migrated to the U.S.A but within three years I was divorced, penniless and alone in a new country.


: Used all my motivation and survival skills to pull myself together and rebuild my life, but not without pushing my body real hard.


: Along the way became spiritually awakened and eventually formed a children’s charity that took me back to my native country and South Africa. I finished my first book. I was healthy and happy and the future looked bright!

About Me cropped

: Then I turned 42 and my health and wellbeing took a sudden and drastic turn for the worse. I experienced allergies, loss of libido, constant flu-like symptoms, weight loss, high blood pressure, anxiety, skin on fire, sleep disturbances, exhaustion, questioning the validity of my life, leaky gut, SIBO, hernia, shingles, pelvic pain, ulcers… I felt like an alien had invaded my body.


: Spent years and thousands of dollars seeing doctors and trying to find solutions, but all they did was write prescriptions and recommend exploratory surgery. Neither of those were what I wanted.


: Battled depression, quit working, disconnected from my spiritual practice, disconnected from friends and family, alone, broke, in pain and completely lost.

Here’s Where it All Turned Around

 There is a spiritual vitality within each of us that we can lean into and draw strength from to improve our lives:


One day something shifted within me. A ray of light beamed within my soul that sparked a desire for living. It clearly wasn’t my will but Divine will.


To have a different reality we must be willing to do things differently:

To restore the fragile inner connection, I nourished my soul with daily meditation, affirmative prayer and gratitude. There was a mountain of issues but first things first, health.


The first point of change is awareness. We can’t change what we are unwilling to see or acknowledge:

Through soul connection, deep inner-exploration work and research, the answers came that I couldn’t see before. Due to a hard-paced lifestyle from childhood, stress had literally made me sick, damaged my immune system, damaged my gut, and my body had become highly toxic and parasitic. My issues were further worsened because I was at a new stage in my life cycle; midlife where my body began to change, puberty was in decline. I was ignorant of this phenomenon, I was living with a mindset that the 40’s was the new 30’s. I embarked on a year-long journey to feel well.


Health is not given, it is created by your: diet, thoughts, feelings, movement, rest and connection but you have to eliminate before you can restore:

As a child growing up in Kingston every holiday my mother would give us herbal cleanse before we went back to school to get rid of worms and parasite, at the time it meant nothing to me, now I get it, we take in crap into the body that might not be easily eliminated and if stored will make us sick. Thank you, mama! I went old school. For over six months I worked on detoxifying my body using many holistic healing modalities.


Then it was clearing out and recalibrating the pilot of my life; my mind, laying out a vision for this period and beyond. What thoughts would support me to get up and get through and over the mountain of issues?


I reworked my diet, simplified my life to reduces stress overload, cleared and re-cleared a lot of childhood trauma, got back into working out, got out more and made new supportive connections. I started to sleep better, gained back my awesome figure, had energy to do the fun things in life along with the mental clarity to reshape the second half of my life.

To further support these changes, I dusted off my knapsack and went back to school. I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellbeing.


What I learned was that we can regain control of our lives and feel balanced and happy simply by practicing simple lifestyle changes.


Now, I am on a mission to empower and educate midlife women on how to implement better lifestyle choices not only to feel good and look good but to create a foundation where they can age with vitality, health and passion.


It's time to reclaim your life.

Your health matters, your dreams matter.

It’s time for you to feel good again!


One Love,



Ready to transform your midlife issues? 

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Charmaine’s credentials

  • NESTA: Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Dr. Sears Wellness Institute: Certified Health Coach
  • NESTA: Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist
  • Burrell Education: Peri-menopause and Menopause Wellness Coach
  • University of New Orleans: MBA