Is this you?

Tired and sick and tired of taking care of everyone else’s needs

Too busy to make time for yourself

Always saying yes when you really want to say no

Berating yourself for being less than perfect

Afraid to ask for help

Yet, inside you are screaming –what about me?


I get it.


You know self-care is important, you know when you have me-time how it makes you feel good.  You have had moments of get-a-way from your duties and obligations but usually upon return your feel good often erodes into major internal frustration at others and yourself.


The truth is self-care goes deeper than doing (outer self-care) but more so about being (inner self-care). In working with me you will become aware that self-care is lovingly caring for oneself as a way of life; where you honor who you are, your needs, your wellbeing, desires without guilt or fear. This requires an internal shift regarding the relationship with yourself.

The benefits when you lovingly take care of you as a way of life:

Inner peace

Committed to healthy way of living

Speak up for what matters to you

Prevent sickness

Handle challenges with more ease

Improved self-confidence

Increase self-compassion

Increased inspiration for living

Feel good and look good

Self-awareness and self-acceptance

Increased inspiration for living

Reduce stress

I am here to help you put yourself and your needs on the front burner of your life and give yourself the attention you deserve.


Let me show you how you can shift into a higher way of living through inner self care.

One-on-One coaching

Phone/Skype or in-person, if you are in Los Angeles