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“Charmaine Shaw is one of those rare individuals who has lived her life as a human being, good-bad-ugly-beautiful, and can relate therefore with and to every human being.  She is both cosmopolitan yet everyman in her professional yet compassionate listening presence.  She blends the body/mind/spirit approach to her life and health coaching.  An accomplished author, she transforms off the written page into a speaker who enhances the individual and collective paths of those seeking truth, guidance and wisdom through their visual and auditory pathways.  She possesses a heart that continues to care in a world that may have lost the presence of mindfulness of both. 


Charmaine brings her own delightful sense of humor and charm, you can bet your encounters will be animated and inviting. People not only feel good after connecting with her, they end up looking good.  Charmaine’s intuition touches on the divine, but is rooted in the beauty and complexity of the human heart and its gentle spirit.  Charmaine brings hope to those who have lived their lives, but have forgotten how to still believe in their value and their life’s (or their heart’s) purpose.” 



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