The Menopause Woman

Is this you?


Struggling to lose the stubborn weight

Cannot find any clothes to fit

Have no energy to do the things that matters




Weight gain at midlife might seems like it is a fate you cannot change due to your changing hormones and metabolism. But what if things could be different?

Losing weight at midlife is more than diet and quick fixes. Together we will unlock your weight loss resistance so you can get your body back and live the life you deserve.


I help driven, midlife women find solutions to their health and life issues. I empower and educate them how to make better lifestyle choices not only to feel good and look good, but create a life that is meaningful to them.


The negative effects of weight gain at midlife

  • Increase risk for breast cancer
  • Increase risk for Diabetes
  • Increase risk for heart disease
  • Increase in menopausal symptoms

The benefits of having a normal weight

Improve sexual desires and function

More energy to do what matters to you

Less prone to chronic illness

Confidence booster that will enable you to live fully

Feel good and look good in your skin


Ready to reclaim your body and your life?  

One-on-One coaching

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