Corporate Menopause

Its Time To Create A Menopause Friendly Working Environment

Boost Productivity

*Menopause is costing U.S. employers $770 to $6,500 in
productivity losses per woman per year.

With over 50 million American women currently going through menopause, who will spend at least one-third of their working lives in menopause, it’s a problem we can’t afford to sweep under the rug.

Many companies talk a good game about diversity and inclusion. Yet, the challenges faced by menopause women at work from brain fog, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, drowsiness reduced self-confidence are often overlooked.

Take a look at women between 40 to 64 in your organization. They are easily the most valuable players in any team. They have the knowledge, experience, and skillset to lead. They know how to navigate tricky situations. They have a plan when things don’t go as planned. They are with you for the long term.

Just imagine you can help them become more productive and comfortable by making your working environment menopause friendly and harness the value they bring to the table.


The Solution

Menopause Awareness Lunch And Learn Presentations

Menopause presentations to empower and educate your managers, supervisors, and employees with the tools and resources to create a menopause friendly working environment while empowering your female employees with wellness tools and resources to manage their menopause issues and improve their productivity at work.

45-minute “Menopause Awareness Workshop Presentation.

We explore what menopause is, the challenges menopause women face at work, and how employers and employees can work together to put the support structure in place so women can comfortably navigate the transition while staying productive at work.

60 -minute Menopause Wellness Workshop Presentation

For female employees In Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause. Participants will understand the specific phases of menopause. They’ll learn to identify symptoms, make lifestyle changes, and explore wellbeing options to improve their health.

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Awareness Presentation?

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    Meet Charmaine:

    Charmaine Shaw is a women’s wellness advocate and coach specializing in menopause and midlife. She is committed to empowering and educating menopause women on how to break free from menopause misery. Through her unique holistic “inside-out” approach, she helps women figure out the factors that influence their discomforts and distress and empower them with the solutions they need to feel like themselves again. She also works with companies on how to cultivate a menopause-friendly working environment.

    Charmaine holds an MBA from the University of New Orleans, is a Certified Health Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute,) Certified Holistic Life Coach (NESTA,) Certified Menopause Wellness Coach (Burrell Education,) and Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist (NESTA). She is also a published author, speaker, and host of the Menopause In Progress.

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