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When was the last time that you received compassionate listening and expert guidance to help you cultivate and integrate the diet and lifestyle habits and choices you need to support your midlife health & life?


As a holistic health coach, I help you work with your unique bodyand take into consideration how everything in your life affects your health and wellness.


  • I work with the concept of bio-individuality. My approach is client-centered.Together we will create apersonalize wellbeingplan of action to bring about the solution you seek based on your individual circumstances, lifestyle habits, health condition, and other needs.
  • I believe you are the expert in knowing what diet and lifestyle that will best support your wellbeing. Through our partnership, I help you clarify the issues and find the answers to the solutions you seek.
  • I support my clients every step of the way. I work with my clients over several months so that we can look at lifestyle choices and work on changing habits, resulting in meaningful and positive behavioral changes.
  • My coaching is goal, action, and results-driven. My approach focuses on implementation and integration to integrate healthy changes into your life.
  • Instead of treating the symptoms, I work with my clients to get to the underlying causes of their health concerns. We look at how issues such as stress, emotional distress, physical activities, environmental factors, lack of “soul nourishment,” etc. affect your overall wellbeing. I help my clients cultivate awareness to improve all areas of their lives.




My goal is to support you in achieving the wellbeing you crave so you can live life to the fullest. Working with me, you will get:

  • A plan of ACTIONthat is realistic, practical, and actionable
  • GUIDANCEfor implementing changes that work with your lifestyle
  • SUPPORT to course correct and stay on track
  • ACCOUNTABILITY that leads to success that lasts a lifetime


  • Your stressors and ways to reduce them
  • Your hormone disrupters, ways to eliminate the offenders and restore balance
  • Bedtime rituals for better sleep
  • How to set up your days for better energy and moods
  • Healthy snacks and recipes that are right for your hormones and health
  • How to fix your negative and anxious thinking
  • How to know what foods are right for your body and wellbeing
  • How to be more present in your life
  • How to read food labels and grocery shop for the right foods
  • Meditation and ways to create calm and connection
  • Soul nourishment and care
  • A better understanding of your hormones and your wellbeing
  • How to create habits and rituals to support your wellbeing
  • How to move in ways that support your body
  • How to create better relationships
  • The confidence to create boundaries and speak up for what you want

I work with clients globally, through Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

About me:

I am Charmaine Shaw, a holistic health coach who specializes in midlife and menopause wellness. As a holistic health coach, I educate and empower midlife women on how to find relief from menopause issues, lose weight, and improve their overall health and happiness beyond menopause through diet and lifestyle changes. I also provide life-changing, general health workshops for small groups and companies.



  • Clean eating
  • Nutrition for hormonal health
  • Hormone balancing
  • Self-care
  • Creatinga positive life
  • Transforming limiting habits and beliefs
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Gut health: repair and restore gut health issues
  • Weight management
  • Improving sleep
  • Balancing mood swings&anxiety
  • Rebuilding self-confidence and self-esteem


Healthy Living 90-Day Program

Here’s what this includes:

  • To kick things off,1-90-minute deep-dive session to create your wellness vision and create a plan of action to get you there
  • A PDF copy of my Healthy Living journal to help you keep track of your progress
  • A suggested daily schedule for success
  • 9-45-minute sessions,once per week.Review progress weekly toassess what is working, what needs to change, and strategies to transform obstacles or constraints
  • 1-60-minute final session for wrap up and tools for the future
  • Educational handouts at each session specific to your issues and goals to increase knowledge and awareness
  • Healthy recipes based on your dietary needs
  • Email during sessions for motivation and inspiration
  • All sessions are done via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you are, I am there

Cost $ $450/mth or $1,200 in full

Single SessionConsult

This option is for anyone struggling with awellness issue and unsure of what to do and in need of expert guidance and support.


Here’s what the single session includes:

  • 1 -60-minute deep-dive session to pinpoint the issue, establish your goal, and nail down the steps to achieve the outcome you desire.
  • Detailed notes from our session via email or Google Docs.

Cost: $150

Why coaching might be right for you

  • You have made changes in your diet and lifestyle before and have experienced a better state of wellbeing. However, you have difficulty sticking to the changes and know that with the right help, you can be more committed to your wellness goals.
  • You know that your diet and lifestyle habits are a factor in your current state of health. You are ready to make changes but need expert guidance and accountability to get you started and stay on track.