“Candid & Big-Hearted. Life Transformer. Dynamic”

Charmaine Shaw is a published author, transformational speaker, and certified health and life coach. Through her midlife and menopause breakdown and breakthrough, powerful insights gained, candid and inspiring personality coupled with tools learned and developed, she empowers audiences to tap into their power to confidently and comfortably navigate the second half of life.

Like many women, Charmaine was ignorant of the aging and hormonal changes that come with midlife and menopause transition and the negative impact on wellbeing, identity, and passion. She struggled a lot with numerous wellbeing challenges and had to quit her thriving accounting services practice. She lost her love for her lifelong philanthropic work as her health and life came to a halt.

But Charmaine wasn’t one to give up. After all, she had rebuilt her life up from the ground up more than once before. But midlife requires something different – the awareness of our internal states during this transitional period. If not, our changing biology, psychology, and archaic hardwired habits keep us stuck in the cycle of distress, dissatisfaction, and discomforts. Using her revolutionary holistic self-care process, she successfully restored her wellbeing and, along the way, discovered her innate calling.

Charmaine is committed to helping others break free from midlife and menopause misery that comes with aging and hormonal changes to live healthier and happier lives, unleash their full potential, and make a mighty difference on the planet in their second half of life.


Certified Transformational Coach.

Certified Menopause Wellness Coach

CBT Mindset Life Coach

Certified Health and Life Coach

Certified Happiness Coach

Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist.

An MBA graduate of the University of New Orleans.

Former Corporate Executive for two decades.

Business Owner.

Member of the National Wellness Institute.


The Power of Our Mind

Midlife Crises Vs. Midlife Blessing

Radical Self-Care at Midlife

Self-Awareness is The Game Changer

Stressed to Zen

Serving from the Overflow

The Modern Woman Approach to Menopause

Mindset and Menopause

The Wakeup Call of Menopause

Reinvent Yourself

Living More Boldly in The Second Chapter

Breakdown, Breakthrough, and Breakout


We had the pleasure of working with Charmaine at our Let’s Talk Health, Mental, and Physical During COVID-19 event. She presented to almost 100 participants excellent holistic health information on how we could better manage our wellbeing, especially during the pandemic. Charmaine was a very captivating and knowledgeable speaker. We were very motivated and inspired by her clear and easy to comprehend presentation.

Leon J. Samms, Lecturer

University of Technology, Jamaica

St. Andrew, Jamaica

West Adams Neighborhood Council hired Charmaine Shaw to provide a 60-minute discussion on staying healthy physically and especially mentally. Her talk was geared toward the present health crisis the world has faced since March. With so many people being challenged with limited financial resources and physical movement restrictions outside their place of dwelling, Charmaine’s positive insight provided valuable information in layman’s terms.

Steven Meeks
West Adams Neighborhood Council


SEEDS OF TRANSFORMATION: Choosing to Live an Authentic Life

MODERN WOMAN MENOPAUSE HANDBOOK: How to Use the Power of Your Mind, Body and Lifestyle to Look and Feel Your Best


MY HEALTH BEGINS WITH ME: Healthy Living Journal


CONTACT ME: (323) 540-7037 or email me at charmaine@charmaineshaw.com