Take Control of Your Hormones, own a Body You Love, and Feel AMAZING and BALANCED!

Get ready to say goodbye to hot flashes, inflammation, digestive issues, muffin top, extra inches and more! 

Discover how to:

  • Eat the right foods that love your body back and balance your hormones with ease!
  • Create a daily schedule that sets you up for hormonal health and real balance in every area of your life!
  • Rid your body of toxins that wreak havoc on your hormones so you can thrive in true hormonal health!

Ready to THRIVE and say HELLO to a healthy balanced body? 

I will give you the hacks you need to regain control of your hormones and wellbeing

Hey there, Charmaine Shaw, here

I am a fiercely passionate women’s holistic health coach for driven, menopausal women who are stuck in cycles of distress and discomforts. I guide them towards learning how to leverage the power of their bodies, mindset, and lifestyle through proven strategies to enhance their hormones and overall well-being. I, too, know first-hand the well-being struggles that this life stage brings due to hormonal changes. But by figuring out and transforming underlying triggers, adding the right tools, and cultivated healthier lifestyle habits, I was able to regain my energy, vitality, and confidence, and now I help women achieve the same.


  • The Hormone Detox E-Guide: How to get the best out of the program including lifestyle strategies. Why you need a hormone detox, signs of toxic overload, the importance of hormone health and balance.
  • 5 Day Amazing recipes! Using food to detox is a sample and safe way to help get your hormones back on tract. All these amazing Vegan based with Omnivore options recipes is created to support your hormones and help you to look and feel good.
  • 5- Day Suggested meals for those who want to cook, but just don’t know where to start! In addition to recipes, we’re offering a full suggested meal plan so that all the guesswork is done for you
  • Food Diary: Keeping a log of how you look and feel will help you to spot underlying triggers and what you can change


Hormone Boosting Foods – Over 10 pages of various foods to support women hormone health and balance

Hormone Health Quiz

Detox Herbs, Spices & Supplements List