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Dealing with the night sweats on a regular basis? If so, these sheets are a godsend! Helpfully wicking away your sweats and keeping you dry and noticeably cooler overnight, they are a girl’s best friend that will wash up and re-use easily, week after week. No odor either so you can keep your night sweats your own little secret. You can choose from a few colors and patterns, too, to keep your bedding style on point.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning drenched in sweat and feeling like you didn’t get a wink’s sleep.  If the sweats are keeping you up, this shorts and tee sleepwear set will help!  Fitting loosely to the body and made out of bamboo and spandex for a cool, breathable fit, these will help your skin breathe and wick away moisture al knight long to help you sleep like a baby.

Getting your beauty sleep just got a whole lot more elegant with this silk sleep mask. Fitting neatly over the eyes for a gentle pressure while you sleep, it’ll stay in place all night long without slipping off. There’s also an easy-access shot for you to heat or cool the flax seeds too, if you want to enjoy a bit more therapeutic benefits. Feel like a queen with a gentle lavender scent, and enjoy refreshed eyes while you’re at it!


Want to know what’s better than a massager? A massager built into a pillow!  Whether you use it on your neck, shoulders, back, legs, etc, this is a relaxing massage pillow that will give you that physical relaxation you’ve been craving.  Adapting to use on all of your tense muscles, you’ll love this for use at the end of the day!  As an added bonus, this also heats, too, to sink that relaxation even deeper.

When life feels like it’s getting the best of you, fight back with relaxation and an inner calm, brought to you by quality lavender essential oil.  Whether you choose to put this in your favorite diffuser, dilute it topically, or enjoy it as a natural pillow spray, this natural relaxing oil is going to help bring relaxation to you so that you can enjoy peace of mind and tranquility however is most convenient!  Nice to have options, right?

At day’s end, carve out some me-time with a gentle, organic tea.  This chamomile tea is going to be sweet, soothing and be free from gluten, GMOs, caffeine and more.  Rich with antioxidants and Vitamin C, amongst others, this tea is healthy, calming, and just enough sweetness to end your day on a high note.  Great when enjoyed with a book or just your favorite blanket, on the couch, it’ll help offer comfort in all of the right ways.




Lockdown restrictions. Want your sexy back? Work out from the comfort of your home in a space less than your sofa. Here’s how. This is a worry-free exercise ball chair that gives you all of the tools you need for a great workout, and still functions as a balance-increasing chair when you want one. Great for yoga, building up your core muscles and even helping you improve your balance and posture, this is one hard-working chair!

If you’re looking for a convenient way to exercise that blends your need for fitness with limited space in your home, this mini stair stepper/mini elliptical machine is perfect for the task.  This is designed to help you get in a full cardio workout within a small footprint, and you can combine it with resistance bands in case you want to add in a little more burn.  Ready to go whenever you are, it’s a great way to enjoy fitness on your own terms!

Need to build that rocking body then this trainer is going to help! With different levels for the seat and adjustable handlebars, this machine is going to help you enjoy riding, rowing and other great positions that will help you work out your arms and shoulders, as well as your booty and your lower back and thighs. Basically, a full-body workout that is going to help you tone and shape as you see fit.

When you need a bit more from your workout, these resistance bands are easy add-ons.  Coming in a set of 5, each one varying in the amount of resistance it offers, these bands will help everyone feel the burn, whether they’re a newbie or a pro.  They measure 12” for use around the arms and legs, as well as with feet and hands.  Quality-made and easy to clean after a particularly intense workout, they’re as versatile as you could hope for. 


When your gut gets the best of you, give it a little bit of support with the right probiotic. Not only is this going to help you enjoy smoother, easier digestion, it’s also going to help you absorb every last nutrient out of your food and make sure that you’re making the most out of your careful, balanced diet. Full of good stuff, you’ll feel like good stuff, too!


You have a lot going on and sometimes you need to grab something that is REALLY healthy and good for you or you want to get a bit more out of that workout. Loaded with lots of good stuff you’re your hormones and health – protein, fiber no added sugar and healthy fats, and a lot more good stuff from A to Z that will help to make you stronger and more balance than before.

Aging doesn’t have to mean getting weaker.  You just need to make sure that you are relying on the right resources for strength!  This multivitamin is going to be a prime example with its doctor-formulated combination.  It’ll help boost our energy and strengthen your body from the inside out to give you that same strength you need to get you from day to day, to.  It also helps you manage your weight and can help balance out those fluctuating hormones!

In all honesty, finding the right dietary fiber from all of your food sources takes a lot of energy and it’s harder than ever to do these days. So, change gears by adding it into your life in the form of a supplement. This beyond fiber powder might just be the thing you need for that daily boosting internal spring cleaning and strengthening. When you need an internal spring cleaning and strengthening, this supplement can help!

Aging is inevitable if you are blessed but you can welcome it by slowing it down.  Instead of salves and creams, why not take an internal approach with this collagen powder?  This is going to help enhance our skin’s natural elasticity and also reduce the depth and look of fine lines and wrinkles.  It will also give your joints and bones a little extra support, too, helping you look and feel younger in all of the ways that matter!



Fight those telltale fine lines and wrinkles every single day with this lightweight moisturizer.  Relying on fruit stem cells as well as antioxidants and other vitamins, your skin will be stronger, healthier, much more resistant to sagging and breakage.  Nice to have a daily aid that is as simple to use as that, huh?  Organic and gentle, this is designed specifically for aging skin!

In a thick gel that is going to feel like magic going onto your skin, the list of natural ingredients on this includes lavender, aloe vera and others all designed to help improve our skin’s texture and strength for younger, rejuvenated skin.  With many benefits for all kinds of skin, think of this as food for your skin!

When you’ve got a case of the sweats and the normal deodorant options just aren’t cutting it, this long-lasting deodorant is going to be precisely what you need.  Free from toxic ingredients and relying on powerful ones such as sage and vinegar, this natural and slightly floral deodorant is going to offer you an impressive odor protection and will also be suitable for sensitive skin.  You even find that it makes your underarm skin stronger and less likely to chafe!

Not all toothpaste is made the same. You deserve to have a type that is going to make you feel like your mouth is not only as clean as a whistle, but leaving your pearly whites stain-free without compromising their integrity. With activated charcoal to help fight bacteria and gently whiten teeth, this will keep your teeth strong and looking their best, all without artificial flavors or colors.

Since skin is often what ages first, you need to fight back as effectively as possible!  This natural serum is going to help you enjoy quality skin care that is still free from toxic ingredients.  Helping soften skin and give it a healthy glow, while also eliminating those fine lines and age spots, it’ll give you a young face that is hydrated, tight and looking its best possible!  Think of this as your ultimate skincare

This deep-reaching hair conditioner is going to help nourish, repair and hydrate your hair from the inside out. Organic and relying on the best natural ingredients to care for your hair as well as your scalp, this refreshing and repairing hair moisturizer is going to be just what you need for better, healthier hair.

Dry skin is never a fun situation to deal with, but especially not, ya know, down there. This natural vaginal moisturizer is going to help treat dry skin immediately, be it redness, itching or burning, and, of course, dryness as a result of menopause. Safe and fast-acting, it’s recommended by all of the pros in women’s health care, so you can trust it to your sensitive spots knowing that it’s got all of the proper protections!


For fresh, fragrant air that is just the right humidity, and relaxation this air purifier is here to help.  It’ll help add humidity to your home for healthy air, and will also work with your favorite essential oils so that you can relax and enjoy fresh scent to every room, too.  With color in its tabletop design, it’s also going to do a lot to beautify the room’s atmosphere. 


An ultimate guide to turning over a new leaf.  Ever wanted to just start over and transform yourself into a better version of yourself?  This book is all about new beginnings, starting from the inside and working out from there.  Written by Joe Dispenza, this book helps us learn how to harness our mind’s untapped power and use it to create a reality that we love every single day of our lives.  Retrain your brain and take charge of your life with this self-help book as your guide.

Fill your brain full of positivity and light by taking a broom to it. Most of us spring clean when we want to enjoy a refreshing take on life in our home but what about our minds?  This book is going to help you clear out the negativity and extra clutter that takes up previous space in your brain.  You’ll learn how to stop negativity in its tracks and move forward in life with extra focus, confidence and the power of positivity to help you take on your life full-charge.